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My Mystery Diner

My Mystery Diner visits organizations and businesses announced or unannounced and carries out secretly or with knowledge a checklist that is agreed upon with business owners or management to give customer feedback.

Our Mission

Strive to become the number ONE company in Pakistan that delivers honest customer feedback to our clients whilst setting the benchmark to improve people, and customer standards & in return increase sales & profits for our valuable clients.

Our Vision

Confidence believes that we will make a positive impact on clients' people stability, and customer service, and increase profitability whilst exceeding the excellence of company standards.

Our Core Values

“Consistency, Delivery of promises, Exceeding excellence Honesty, Hold to Accountability Trust, Loyalty, Passionate about our work, Teamwork, “

Mystery Dining & Shopping Assessments

We partner with the world’s leading brands to help them strengthen their customer experience, audit for onsite compliance, protect their brand reputation, and drive improved revenue.

My Mystery Diner conducts thorough assessments (independent and unannounced professional visits) to ensure that businesses consistently meet or exceed predetermined quality standards. Our evaluations encompass various aspects such as food taste, presentation, service efficiency, cleanliness, and overall guest experience. The gauging parameters include

Objective Feedback

  • In the pursuit of excellence, My Mystery Diner goes beyond conventional feedback methods.
  • Our objective is to provide businesses with valuable insights that drive their reputation-enhancement efforts.
  • We also follow current trends and give honest feedback from customers’ perspectives.
  • Demonstrating our unwavering commitment to excellence, we collaborate closely with our clients, tailoring evaluation criteria and questionnaires to suit the distinctive needs of every business sector.
  • My Mystery Diner is unwavering in its dedication to supporting business growth through continuous improvement and the delivery of meaningful, result-oriented feedback.

Customer Perspective

My Mystery Diner paints a complete picture of your customer’s needs, their real-world experience of your brand, and what you must do to close the gap between the By experiencing the restaurant and retail outlets as a mystery shopper, we provide insights into how customers perceive the establishment, allowing businesses to align their offerings more closely with customer expectations.

Reputation Enhancement

Our anonymous approach allows us to provide unbiased and constructive feedback By simulating real customer experiences, we offer a genuine perspective that helps identify areas of improvement and recognize existing strengths. Our reporting formats are custom-designed to the client’s requirement which includes accurate and detailed facts, figures, and graphical statistics. Considering the unique requirements of each business segment, we craft bespoke evaluation criteria, questionnaires, and analytical reports.

Dynamic Pricing

We are committed to serving our customers in the best way possible. Therefore, we use a dynamics pricing method to set the budget for the services. Our focus is to first understand the customer needs and then cater to them in the best possible way by incurring the least possible cost

Travel Industry, Airlines & Accommodation

Our mystery dining experts also work with airline companies all around the world and help them train their teams and improve their performance which leads to better customer satisfaction.

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