Trained Mystery Diners

We recruit and train a team of professional mystery diners who possess extensive experience in multi- dimensional business segments. They are equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to conduct objective evaluations and provide valuable feedback. Our Mystery Shoppers are Certified as per specific project/product audits which in turn helps us to provide our clients with detailed reporting and observations that drive innovative profitable improvements.


Evaluation Framework

We develop a robust framework that covers various dimensions of the dining and retail shopping experience, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation process aligned with industry standards and customer expectations. Through this framework, we achieve operational excellence by gathering the data through organized surveys, and compute statistical insights.


Reporting System

We utilize technology solutions to streamline data collection, analysis, and reporting processes. This allows us to generate comprehensive reports efficiently and deliver them to our clients in a timely manner. Our Real Time Reports empower our clients to take necessary action on spot and bring improvement within their business model.


We can train your staff according to CHAMPS.

“We’re excited to announce that we offer comprehensive CHAMPS training for your staff. Elevate your team’s performance and customer service skills with our specialized training program.”

We can visit your brand with famous personalities

Come and experience our brand alongside renowned personalities. Join us for an unforgettable journey where you can rub shoulders with the stars.

We do supply checklist for front house & back house on announced & unannounced visits.

At our establishment, we prioritize transparency and excellence in service. Rest assured, we provide comprehensive checklists for both front-of-house and back-of-house areas during both announced and unannounced visits to ensure the highest standards are consistently met.

Our Functional Workflow

With our proficiency and involvement working across industries, we come to the table with a core understanding of the challenges our clients are asked to tackle.


We look at speed as in time that anything is delivered or to be delivered in the given time that may be part of business policy.

Always greet customers with a warm SMILE ! This is a must for our Secret agents to witness whilst carrying out the agreed checklist.

Performance checklist, which is designed around individuals business standards, policies and requirements.

If agreed cctv secretly will record via a mystery dinner agents device as well as other technology may be used as factual feed back tool .

Our mystery dinners not only give suggestions based on goods and service to what the establishment offers but also on the current social media trends.

On the basis of intimate understanding of Client’s business challenges, we design a mystery diner program on an arsenal of proven services, solutions and industry best practices. We craft survey forms to isolate unique human, digital, and business factors that delight customers and set Client’s brand apart from its competitors.


The extensive preparation that goes into the design of the program ensures flawless implementation. During this stage, we continuously measure, and analyze the key drivers that directly influence customer gratification, advocacy and intent to return.


We analyze the results (raw data) through a technology oriented analytical approach. With the help of our market research experts and business intelligence tools, we interpret findings and quantify connections to the factors that influence profitability. The outcomes are actionable insights that empower business to drive customer delight and limitless profitability.


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